Pricing Plans of the Most Popular Virtual Board Room Meetings Software

Virtual Board Room Meetings Software

A virtual data room is a technology that allows you to store information, organize board meetings, and record key decisions during a session.

How much do virtual data rooms with the ability to hold board meetings cost – read on.

How much do popular platforms cost?

It is rarely possible to find out the cost of services of large board portals – almost all providers of such services do not indicate the cost of their services. However, some still cover the data on this – mainly prices can be found on board portal sites designed for small and medium-sized businesses that are not ready to buy expensive services.

For example, the Boardable service will cost the company $49 per month. However, for 14 days, the program can be used completely free of charge.

The iBabs service costs $10 monthly, a program for small businesses.

The BoardDirector program will cost between $300 and $500 per month, depending on the number of users.

Which platforms do not disclose their price?

For example, you cannot easily determine how much such popular services as BoardMaps, iDeals, Nasdaq Boardvantage, Boardeffect, BoardPaq cost.

Neither on your sites nor on aggregator platforms will you be able to find out how much it costs to use the services of these gigantic services. On average, the price per user is from 250 to 500 dollars per year; that is, for a management team of 50 people, it is worth pawning from 12.5 to 25 thousand dollars.

How is the price formed?

There are 3 key factors in the pricing process that must be taken into account at the preparation stage.

  • Consumers. The level of demand for service sets the highest price point. This is the maximum buyers willing to pay for this service.
  • The company is providing the service. This is the minimum price threshold that will ensure break-even operation. Includes material costs, prime cost, as well as the size of the planned profit.
  • Competitors. As active market participants, they set a price corridor in a niche in the “from and to” format. Most companies tend to stay within this corridor.

These principles guide manufacturers of board portals. Also, pay attention to the fact that different companies may need additional software functionality, and therefore the cost of the tariff for a particular company may differ.

Why don’t major providers list prices?

There are only a few reasons why prices are not listed on the websites of major board portal providers that operate in the B2B industry.

It is not customary in this industry to publish prices. This is a complex and real reason related to difficult areas.

There is no exact value of the goods. Sometimes the bill for the service being sold varies from the customer’s wishes.

Large businesses are open to face-to-face communication. Therefore, it is assumed that a large company interested in the board portal will order an acquaintance with the software and communicate with managers.

Therefore, if there are no prices on the site, do not hesitate to contact the provider directly.